Dartmouth Formula Racing

Thayer School of Engineering

2017-18 Season Overview

I have been very involved with the Dartmouth Formula Racing Team since I was a freshman and this season I was elected to be a Captain of the team for the 2017-18 season. This year we will be entering a hybrid race car into the Formula Hybrid Competition. Our car has a 250cc gas engine and a 100 kW electric motor. In total, we will have over 170 hp for a car that weighs under 700lbs! I have pushed the team to complete some ambitious projects this year to bring our race car to the highest performance level in our club’s history. Our focus this year was redesigning the entire electrical system on the car. This included both the 300V high voltage system which powers the electric motor and the low voltage system. The new high voltage system weighs 64% less than the old system and has been packaged into one enclosure with all the necessary electrical connections panel mounted. I documented the entire electrical system on a single schematic so the system could be easily serviced. For the electrical system I designed two PCBs, a high voltage system management PCB and a low voltage power distribution PCB.  A lot of progress has been made, and we are on schedule to finish all the new components for the competition in May 2018!

— Created by Erik Loscalzo in Solidworks Visualize Professional —

High Voltage Energy System CAD Renderings

Completed High Voltage Energy System

Printed Circuit Boards

Full Car Wiring Schematic

2016-17 Season

I documented the wiring harness for the car using a program called RapidHarness. Once everything was documented in RapidHarness, I used the automatically documented spreadsheets to create the wiring harness. This process was efficient because the spreadsheets had wire lengths, gauge, and pin numbering for the connectors in the wiring harness. 

For the 2016 season, we redesigned the rear of the chassis. With the help of the VR3 Engineering Company, we welded the new rear end onto the car in Ontario, Canada and then drove the chassis back to New Hampshire.

2015-16 Season